State of Charge Explained
State of Charge Explained

In this article, I explained about the State of Charge in detail.

Those of you who don’t know, the Battery Status of your PC or Smartphone is measured by a terminology called the State of Charge.

Battery Status is measured as a percentage in Smart Phone.

State of Charge Explained in Detail

What is the State of Charge?

State of Charge is the current status of your battery. It is measured in percentage. For example, 96% of battery remaining, something like that.

What is meant by State of Charge Mismatch?

Sometimes you will notice that as soon as your battery is charged and you plug in it for charging, then it starts showing a full charge for a while. But the truth is that it does not even charge half. This error occurs due to the state of charge Mismatch. In some cases, the State of Charge Mismatch is looked differently, like your battery will show less charge percentage but the battery backup will be available for longer.

Why State of Charge Mismatch occurs?

As almost all the smartphones use Li-ion battery, and they don’t manufacture that battery. Now since our smartphone is a different company and the battery is a different company, the state of charge information is not properly synchronized between them. On the other sides, there is some smartphone company who manufactures battery for their own smartphone, in that case, the SOC information is comparetively good. The synchronization of SOC information between the battery and the phone firmware also depends upon how the Firmware is programmed.

Although this is common in all smartphones and this is also a serious problem, we will look forward into this. Now we understand why the state of charge Mismatch occurs.

What happens if State of Charge Mismatch Occurs?

If the state of Charge Mismatch occurs, you could either Overcharge or Over-drain your PC or smartphone battery. How? Since the State of Charge Mismatch occurs your PC or Smartphone show you incorrect info. about the Battery Charging Percentage or Vice Versa.

How to correct the State of Charge Mismatch?

State of Charge Mismatch is corrected using a technique called Battery Calibration.

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