download torrent online
download torrent online

Download torrent: 14.9 GB of any type of torrent file you can easily download from your Google Drive. Yeah, you heard it right.

Download Torrent online: Undoubtedly, Anyone who downloads anything from the Internet knows about download torrent files. Markedly, Torrent is a kind of a storage website. Basically, It contains almost all kind of files like Softwares, Movies, Games and much more. Downloading movies or any such file of size 1 GB, 2GB is still okay but when it comes to download torrent online files of size 6GB, 10 GB  it’s quite cumbersome.

So, we have come up with some steps which will suit your purpose. By following these steps you can download torrent files of size 14.9 GB. Yes, you heard it right 14.9 GB of the torrent file in a direct link format using IDM from google drive. Eventually, now Don’t beg your friend for some movies or games of very big size. Just, follow the steps and download your own. Check them out and thank us later.

Download torrent online | Download torrent files using Bytesloader

  • First, you have to Log into your Google Drive account where you want to store your “Almost” 14.9 GB of the torrent file.
  • Now open your web browser and go to this link: bytesloader
  • Now, In the screen, you see a bar where it is written: Paste and Enter the URL link here to download.
  • Paste your torrent magnet URL in that bar and click the download button. A pop up will appear, click Confirm.
  • Now grab some water, it takes some time to fetch your torrent magnet URL depend on its size and the torrent health.
  • If your torrent file doesn’t fetch, it means the file doesn’t have a good health according to this site. According to this site, a healthy torrent is the one which is recently publish. Or you can pray for your luck.
  • After fetching is complete, click on the zip menu icon like shown in the below figure:
Bytesloader Snap
Bytesloader Snap

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