YouTube Premium now allow Video Download in 1080p Resolution

In a bid to give users more freedom to opt for a better plan, YouTube has started testing a cheaper Premium Lite plan in some countries.

The Premium Lite costs 6.99 euros per month but as per a YouTube spokesperson, its local pricing will vary.

YouTube Premium Lite Plan
Source: Reddit

The plan includes adfree YouTube videos and YouTube Kids.

If you compare the price of the existing Premium plan with the lite one then the former one is currently available at 11.99 euros per month.

A Quick Comparison in between YouTube Premium Lite and Premium Plan.

FeatureYouTube Premium LiteYouTube Premium
Cost6.99 euros per month11.99 euros per month
Ad-Free VideosYesYes
Free YouTube Music Premium SubscriptionNoYes
Offline Downloading of VideosNoYes
Background PlaybackNoYes

A member from resetera first revealed about the YouTube Premium Lite plan.


As per a report from The Verge, YouTube is currently testing the premium lite plan in six countries that are Belgium, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, and Luxembourg.

Who can choose Premium Lite Plan?

The lite plan is best for those who want to get an ad-free video viewing experience on YouTube but don’t want to get other benefits. For example, the YouTube premium plan offers offline downloading, Free YouTube Music Premium subscription, and background playback of videos. These offers are not available in the lite plan.

If you analyze the price of the Premium lite plan, then it costs 60 percent of the current premium plan price. However, it offers only a quarter of its benefits.

YouTube team has said, currently, the plan is in the testing phase and its price may vary depends on audience feedback.

So, what is your opinion about the lite plan, and what should be its monthly price in India, do let us know in the comments down below.

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