Facebook Messenger Message Forwarding Limit

End-to-End encryption has now become a standard feature for a messaging app in the Industry. It keeps our conversation private even from the creator of the app.

Since 2016, text messages in Messenger are end-to-end encrypted but its voice and video calls aren’t end-to-end encrypted so far.

However, in a recent blog post, the Facebook Messenger team has informed us that the voice and video calls on Messenger are now end-to-end encrypted.

On Messenger, users can now gossip with each other in an eavesdrop-free environment.

Ruth Kricheli, the Director of Messenger’s Product Management said, more than 150 million video calls are placed via Messenger each day.

Also, most of the competitors of Messenger are already providing end-to-end encryption for calls. Take Zoom, Signal, and Apple’s FaceTime as an example.

Facebook already is providing end-to-end encryption for calls in WhatsApp then why not Messenger does have the same feature as it places such an enormous number of video calls each day.

Hence, looking at all these Facebook has brought end-to-end encryption for voice and video calls in Messenger.

You can now set a timer for disappearing messages on Messenger

While Messenger now supports end-to-end encryption for text messages, voice and video calls, you can now set a timer if sending a disappearing message on Messenger.

The concept of disappearing messages on Messenger via Varnish Mode was introduced last November.

The company has now extended the same feature by introducing the timer option.

The value of the timer ranges from 5 seconds to 24 hours.

Here is how disappearing messages on messenger works.

Suppose you set 10 seconds as the timer for disappearing messages.

Now, as soon as you send a message to the other side, it will automatically delete from the receiver’s device after 10 seconds.

Other Plans of Facebook concerning End-to-End Encryption

Facebook is also planning to bring end-to-end encryption for calls and messages on Instagram.

The company has started tested end-to-end encryption for group chats and calls (voice and video) in Messenger.

Earlier we heard some rumors that Facebook is planning to unify end-to-end encryption for WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. By unifying I mean merging all the three apps and encrypt the messages and calls.

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