YouTube Music gets Equalizer settings
YouTube Music gets Equalizer settings | Image Credits: 9to5google

YouTube Music Gets equalizer settings in its latest update roll out. This new feature has been rolled out in YouTube Music Version 2.59. 9to5google first notice Equalizer in YouTube Music last week during the teardown of the same app.

The Equalizer settings in YouTube Music is quite familiar like Google Play Music. So, you don’t have to understand the game rules again here. You can find the Equalizer settings in YouTube Music app right below the option “Audio Quality on Wi-Fi.” Moreover, both of these options are present in the YouTube Music settings section.

Once you tap on the equalizer settings option, the equalizer settings page opens. To change an equalizer preset first, you have to enable the equalizer option. You can do so by enabling the radio button present in the top right corner of the same page.

Once done, there are a total of 12 presets present in the equalizer option. By default, YouTube Music Enables standardly preset, i.e. Normal. Note that this update is rolling out means if may available to you in some days. However, make sure to update your YouTube Music App.

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