Quora Launches Answer Promotions
Quora Launches Answer Promotions | Credits: Quora

One of the most popular Q&A Forum, Quora launches answer promotions ad unit this Tuesday. Quora becomes a massive success because of the large community of writer who asks the question and also provide answers.

Many businesses are on Quora to further extend their business reach. They provide great answers to questions which helps them to gain organic followers. Now, Quora introduce another way of incrementing your organic followers on Quora. On the other hand, this could also help you to expose your business to a large community.

Quora Launches Answer Promotions

Quora now introduces the facility to promote your answers. All you have is a Quora Ad account (if you haven’t, you can create one at quora.com/business). Next, you have to create a new ad unit. In this ad unit section, you have to select the Promote an Answer Ad Format. After that, the user has to feed an Answer URL which he/she wants to promote.

However, if you want to promote an answer in quora, make sure to read their content policy guidelines first. Different advertisers review this quora feature as a great one. DuckDuckGo says their promoted answers get 200x more views than their non-promoted one.

Now, Quora is also in the race of Posts promotions like we see on Facebook and Twitter. Quora Answer Promotions targeting is similar to other posts.

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