TRAI Launches DND App on Apple App Store
TRAI Launches DND App on Apple App Store

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India i.e. TRAI Launches DND App on Apple App Store. Back in 2016 TRAI already launches a DND app for Android. You can grab the iOS version for here. This app will help users from getting a lot of spam calls and advertisement from Telemarketers. However, the First user has to sign up in this app.

To register in this App a user has to give their mobile number, however, the DND Services activation takes at least a week.

In Step 1 the App asks users if they want to active DND for all calls and SMS, or some selected categories.

Next, In Step 2 User have to enable some app settings by going to his/her photo settings. In their phone app, they have to enable the DND.

Finally, In Step 3, the app also gives them the facility to report a spam number. To report a spam number, simply open your phone app and right swipe on a number. Then select the report button to report spam.

TRAI DND App Registration Process
TRAI DND App Registration Process | Credits: Apple App Store

Similarly, User can also report a spam message. They Just have to select a message then click on the report button present at the bottom of the message content.

TRAI says they will not block any authentic business which a user subscribes to, like banks, taxi, food apps etc. Moreover, the complaint SMS is sent to the toll-free number 1909.

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