Top 5 Technology items Closed in 2018
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In this article, we put down the list of Top 5 Technology items Closed in 2018. Whatever comes in the world must end. This principle also applies to technology and gadgets. It is believed that after every 18 months the gadgets world gets double. Today, if the phone with 4 GB of RAM & 32 GB of storage is a normal feature, then after about 2 to 3 years, 8 GB of RAM & 64 GB of internal storage in the phone will be normal. Let me come to the point.

In the year 2017, many such technologies are finally closed, which gave the world great hopes. Apart from this, there are also some gadgets that already complete their lifespan. Let’s take a look at these items. Moreover, If you have these items or you want to buy any one of these, then be careful.

List of Top 5 Technology items Closed in 2018

Windows phone

Windows Phone is a dead Technology. Even Microsoft itself accepts that the technology is dead in 2018. About 10 years ago, it was being referred to as a world-changing operating system. Because of this, Nokia also shut down its Meego OS which developed with the contribution of Linux and Intel. So, In our opinion please don’t look at any Windows phone when you’re buying your next phone.


Now, Who is watching TV by wearing glasses, man? Large companies forgot to understand this general thing. People don’t want to put black glasses to watch TV. However, Today 4K and Ultra HD TV are giving better results than 3D. Currently, all major companies have stopped their support systems for 3D TV (if not then definitely maybe in 1 or half years later). So, Try to avoid 3D TV.

iPod Shuffle and Nano

Now, It’s time to listen to music directly over the internet. These days we download the latest songs from the web and put down on the smartphone. No one cares about iPod king of thing. In such a situation, Apple’s iPod became the subject of Baba Adam’s time without the internet.

Google Chrome App

We keep the app on our phone. Keep the app on the Mac. But we do not want to install the App on the Google Chrome browser. That’s why Google has removed the app section of Chrome Web Store.

Microsoft Groove

Several Brands are taking several attempts to match Apple’s iTunes. Nokia Launches Ovi Music, Microsoft launches Groove Music. But neither Microsoft’s Groove nor Nokia Ovi can even touch the level 1 of iTunes. Therefore, Finally, Microsoft ends this service.

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