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This article provides you a detailed list of Top IT Companies in India 2019. The Era of IT Companies in India started back in 1967 in Mumbai. From then, Mumbai became the Business Hub of Indian Market. Let me give you the Info that this era is actually started by the Tata Group in Partnership with Burroughs Corporation (An American Company which manufactures Business Equipments). Then, In 1973 they Setup the Country’s First Software Export Zone called SEEPZ. You can think of SEEPZ as the Modern IT Parks of India. After 7 Years of Formation, SEEPZ Contribute to the 80% of Software Productions and Exports in India. Finally, In 1991 Indian Industry leads the New of Globalization and International Economic Integration. After then, Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee also play a significant role in the development of the IT Industries in India.

So, Let’s take a look at What are some of the Top IT Companies in India 2019?

List of Top IT Companies in India 2019

Following are the list of Top IT Companies in India 2019. Moreover, we also give a brief overview of these companies.

  1. Tata Consultancy Services
  2. Infosys
  3. Wipro
  4. HCL Technology
  5. Tech Mahindra
  6. L&T Infotech
  7. Oracle Financial Services
  8. Mindtree
  9. Mphasis
  10. Rolta India

Tata Consultancy Services (Rank 1 in the list of Top IT Companies in India 2018)

TCS is an Indian Multinational IT Service & Consultation Company. Its headquarters is currently located in Mumbai. The Company was founded 50 Years ago in 1968 by J.R.D Tata & F.C Kohli.

  • Right Now in 2019, It is one of the largest Companies in India in terms of Market Capitalization.
  • It is also Popular Worldwide in terms of IT Services.
  • Its parent group is Tata and Moreover, Right now 70% of all the dividends are alone generated by TCS for its parent Group.
  • Also the 9th Largest IT Service Company Worldwide.
  • Ranked 10th in Fortune India 500 List.
  • Currently (On 12/01/2017), N. Chandrasekaran is the Chairman of Tata Sons.


Many Gossips around the Web is Narayan Murthy with his 6 Partners founded Infosys in 1980. But the fact is N.S Raghavan was the first Employee. Let me clear you the story that When Infosys starts, Narayan Murthy was head of Patni computer (Ashok Patni is the Founder of Patni Computers Back then), and he has taken a project and promised Ashok Patni that after he completes the project then, he join Infosys. Moreover, Narayan Murthy was actually the fourth Employee of Infosys.

Till 1983, Even Company haven’t any computers at all. Two Years after the Foundation of Company, they somehow manage to buy their first Computer. In 1989, the Company going through its worst phase. Even some buyers offer to buy the Company. Many experts also advise Narayan Murthy to sell the company. But Mr. Murthy has some great Plans hidden in his pocket. He Organized a 5-hour meeting with his board of Directors and finally take a difficult step to not sell the company and even work hard. After 2 Years Company again back on his track and from then it never looks back. Right now it is one of India’s Fastest Growing Company.


It is also one of the leading IT Services and Consulting company in India. In the name of Western India Vegetables Products limited, Mohammed Premji Founded the Company in 1946. Back then Company’s main service was Refining Oil. Talking about its presence in Consumer Market, it is also leading here after Nirma & Dabur. In India, Some of its leading products are Kisan, Santoor etc. Right now In India, it also leads to Lighting Business like the production of CFL Bulbs etc. After the Death of Mohamed Premji in 1966, The Company was taken over by his son Aziz Premji. He totally turns the Steering of the Company to the IT Services. From then it glows like a Gem in the bunch of IT Services Companies in India.

HCL Technology

It is the Core Employee Driven Organisation in Our Country. The Company CEO (Vineet Nayar) has an amazing philosophy that he hears the queries of his employee first before its Customers. In his vision, this policy makes a transparent relation in the company. He thought by this Philosophy even a single idea can’t degrade from the Company. Let me tell you about the Company’s annual event “Directions”, where the CEO & all the employees of the company are gathered in a closed-door meeting to promote the innovative ideas. These are all the Brief Introduction to HCL Tech.

Tech Mahindra

The Company was Founded back in 1986 in Maharastra India. It began as a Joint Venture with British Telecom. It Competes with TCS, Infosys & Wipro from then in 1986. After 8 Years it finally builds a position to establish an office in the United Kingdom and then it 2001 it also expands to Germany. In 2005, this company became the 8th Largest Software Exporter in our Country. Finally, In 2006, the company got the name Tech Mahindra from Mahindra-BT. In 2009, Tech Mahindra acquires the Satyam Computers which makes him one of the bosses in IT Industry in India.

L&T Infotech

In 2015, In terms of Export Revenues, NASSCOM ranked this company as the 6th largest Indian IT Services Company in India. The Company works with a total of 248 Clients among which 49 clients are from fortune 500 Companies. Moreover, the company generates its revenue from BFS (Board from financial Supervision), Insurance, Pharma, Retail and Consumer Services. The Company purely focuses its business on North America as the 70% of the revenue generates from there.

Oracle Financial Services

An IT Solution Provider Company which is Founded in 1980. The company is the child of Oracle Corporation. Ranked 253 in the Fortune 500 Company list. The main services provided by the company is IT, Business Consulting and Outsourcing. You can find its presence in the Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa, South & North America.


An Indian Multinational Information Technology and Outsourcing Company Founded back in 1999. Its headquarter is in Bengaluru India. The Services Provided by this company is IT, Business Consulting and Outsourcing. It also deals with E-Commerce, Mobile Applications, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics etc.


An IT Service company founded back in 2000 by Jerry Rao and Jeroen Tas, whose headquarters is in Banglore India. Ranked 165 in the Fortune 500 List in 2011. In 2016, HP Enterprise almost sold the Mphasis to the Blackstone Group. So, Right Now, Its Parent Group is Mphasis.

Rolta India

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