WhatsApp may bring a Verification Feature for Forwarded Messages

Many of you know that WhatsApp has a feature called Multi-Device that let the user to link their Main WhatsApp account (present on phone) with other devices supporting WhatsApp. Now, reports are coming that, WhatsApp is improving this feature.

WhatsApp Improving Multi-Device Feature

The WABetaInfo team has reported that WhatsApp is developing two types of Multi-Device feature.

Multi Device with WhatsApp Web: This feature will let the user to use WhatsApp Web without Internet connection in the Phone.

Multi Device with other Devices: The second one, on the other hand, will allow the user to connect 4 different devices with the main WhatsApp account.

Following the same episode, in the latest WhatsApp beta update, WABetaInfo team has spotted a new Log out option that let the user to unlink their phone from the Main WhatsApp account. WABetaInfo team has also published a video explaining this new log out option.

They said, the new Log out option has replaced the Delete My Account option located at Settings > Account and one can spot it in both the latest beta version of WhatsApp Business and Regular one.

Talking about improving the Multi-Device feature, I personally think, using WhatsApp web without Internet connection in the phone (where the Main WhatsApp account resides) is a useful feature in places where people use WhatsApp more on their Desktop in compare to their phone.

Anyways, all the above mentioned feature are currently in beta and might not be included the stable build, hence, can’t tell you their release date for general users.

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