4 WhatsApp Business Mobile Feature Now Available on Web Version
4 WhatsApp Business Mobile Feature Now Available on Web Version

In this article, we list out 4 WhatsApp Business Mobile feature now available on Web Version too. Last year, One of the most popular instant messaging app “WhatsApp” launches a business version of it. WhatsApp Business also prove to be a great hit among small business owners. And now, WhatsApp Business have approximately 5 Billion users.

To make this app more efficient and easy for the business owners who more frequently using this app via desktop, WhatsApp now make available some of its mobile version features to the desktop or web version too. Let’s talk about what those features are and How they work? If you don’t know how to use it.

4 WhatsApp Business Mobile Feature Now Available on Web Version

Below are the 4 WhatsApp Business Mobile app features which you can now access via WhatsApp web or Desktop too.

Greeting Message

Most of you know How Greeting Message works whereas most you don’t. Well, When a customer first time initiate a chat with you, WhatsApp give you the facility to configure a pre-designed message that will automatically sent to them while you were away. This is what we a Greeting Message.

Quick Replies

Via this facility, you answer a set of specific questions which you think customers ask you the most. Well this feature also works automatically. Hence, while you were away and if a customer ask a question that matches from the set of questions you already answered, then WhatsApp send them the answer automatically. This feature is a real Time Savior.

Chat Filters

As the name indicates, Chat Filter filters the function automatically, you define. For example, you can set a filter for Unread Messages, or Group messages and so on.


Label helps you organize your customers to some specific category. For example, Right now, WhatsApp business have some predefined labels like New Customer mark with blue label, New Order mark with yellow label and so on. However, you can create your own label if you want, there is an option “New Label” present there to create a new label.

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