Create Catalogs in WhatsApp Business App
Create Catalogs in WhatsApp Business App

Today, WhatsApp Team adds a great feature in their WhatsApp Business App. They call this new feature Catalogs that helps businesses to showcase their products by sharing their Images, Description, Product Code and Price.

Those of you who have no idea what a Catalog is? Well, In Business, Catalog is anything where a company showcase the product they made.

Sharing Images, as well as discuss the price of a product, again and again, is tedious for Businesses on WhatsApp. Therefore, the WhatsApp team thinks to introduce some feature that optimizes the conversations on WhatsApp. So, they introduce Catalog that a customer can find by visiting the profile of business on WhatsApp Business App.

Now, Suppose you are owning a WhatsApp Business App and want to create catalogues of the products to showcase on WhatsApp Business App. So, let me explain you to How to create a catalogue on WhatsApp Business App?

Creating a Catalog on WhatsApp Business is so simple. Just open your WAB App then, navigate to Settings > Business Settings > Catalog.

Note: If you didn’t see Catalog listed on Business Settings then you need to update your WhatsApp Business App which you can do so by navigating either to Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Now, Add Images, Product Description, Product Code, Link etc. and then click on Save to add a Catalog on your profile.

Creating Catalogs on WhatsApp Business App
Creating Catalogs on WhatsApp Business App

Once you save a catalog, you can directly send it from the attachment page to your customer like as I show you in the screenshot below.

Last but not least, this new Catalog feature is available in both the iOS and Android version of the latest WhatsApp Business App. This feature is now available in India, US, UK, Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, and Mexico.

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