How to Share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Story

Back in June this year, WhatsApp introduced us to share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Story. However, that time the option was part of WhatsApp Beta that is now available in the stable release. One can now spot this feature in WhatsApp Stable version 2.19.258 (Android) and 2.19.92 (iOS).

Okay, now let’s talk about how you can share a WhatsApp Status to Facebook Story?

First and foremost, let me mention that you can use this feature only if you have installed any of the below-mentioned combinations of apps on your phone. That means either you satisfy condition 1 or Condition 2.

Condition 1: WhatsApp for iOS or Android and Facebook for iOS or Android

Condition 2: WhatsApp for Android and Facebook Lite for Android.

Once you satisfy any of these two conditions, open WhatsApp then, tap on Status.

Then, Create a Status (doesn’t matter either you are on Android or iPhone).

Now, at this point of time you have created Status and now all you have to do share it to Facebook Story.

To do that you have to open the Status Tab and there at the front of the screen you could see a Share to Facebook Story option. Clicking on this option prompt a dialog box that asks you to share the Status to Facebook Story. In the dialog box, you could select the audience to whom you want to permit to see your Facebook Story. For example, here the audience might be your friends only, only you, custom friends.

Once you select the audience, click on the blue Share Now button and you WhatsApp status goes live on Facebook Story.

One thing I would like to mention here is this is the first time WhatsApp directly interact with Facebook. Therefore, many of you must be curious to know about your WhatsApp account privacy as it interacts with Facebook. For that, let me tell you, for this feature, WhatsApp is using the Android or iOS default sharing API. That means Facebook doesn’t access your WhatsApp account information.

That’s it. If you do not understand any of the parts above, you could feel free to get in touch with us in the comment down below.

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