PUBG Mobile Lite New Update Brings Golden Woods and War-RPG Map

Tencent Gaming has today rolled out the new update for PUBG Mobile Lite that brings two new maps in the game called Golden Woods and War RPG. Last month we talked about PUBG Mobile lite beta mode, and now it is available as Golden Woods map. There are a total of 60 players who could participate in this map by forming either solo, duo or squad.

Other than Golden Woods map, you can spot one more map in the new update called War RPG Map. What Interesting thing about this map is, here you primary weapon is RPG-7. Also, In this map, Merely 20 players could participate at a time by forming either solo, duo or squad.

Besides these two news maps, I also spotted some new weapons like QBZ, QBU DMR Rifle, PP-19 Sub Machine Gun in the new update. You can spot a new vehicle called UAZ in PUBG Mobile Lite now.

Do note that all these new features are part of PUBG Mobile Lite Version To update to this new version, you won’t even have to go to Google Play Store. It updates automatically once you open the app. The size of the update is around 44 MB. However, if you want to play the new Golden Woods maps, you have to download the map first which you can do inside the app. The size of the Golden Woods map is around 88 MB.

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