Opera Mini Launches Offline File Sharing Feature
Opera Mini Launches Offline File Sharing Feature

Opera Mini became the first browser to introduce Offline File Sharing feature. That means now you don’t have to download a separate app to avail this feature. However, to share offline files via Opera Mini requires the installation of Opera Mini at both the end. This new feature allows you to send different file types like Photos, Videos, and Audios at a more faster rate than Bluetooth.

More specifically, with this feature, you could send a file at a speed of around 200Mbps. Well, this feature gains this speed because it is using your Phone’s Direct WiFi. Those of you who don’t know, Direct WiFi is a feature that helps your device to establish a peer to peer wireless connection between two device. That means if your device provides WiFi facility, then you can use Opera Mini Offline File sharing feature.

How to access Opera Mini Offline File Sharing Feature?

To access Opera Mini Offline File Sharing Feature, tap on the red O icon present at the bottom right corner of your Opera Mini Browser. Then, there you see a new feature called File Sharing. Tapping on it gives you a prompt that asks you to give the browser access to view your Phone Files. Once you tap on the Allow, it will list out all the files present in your phone.

Now, Long Tap on the file or files you want to send gives you a QR Code. Now, ask your friend to open Opera Mini Browser in his device and scan the QR code. Once he scans the QR code the files start transferring into his device.

It’s that simple, isn’t it?

Well, Opera Mini became the first Browser to have this feature as right now, no browser gives you the ability to send offline files present in you phone without Internet Connection.

One more thing I would like to mention here is, the range of WiFi direct is around 200 meters. Therefore, the feature works only when both devices fall under this range.

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