Reliance Selling Jio Phone at Rs 699
Reliance Selling Jio Phone at Rs 699

Under Dussehra and Diwali Festive offer, Reliance selling Jio Phone at Rs 699. Back in 2017, Reliance launched its revolutionary Jio Feature Phone at Rs 1500. Well, In my opinion, the phone is excellent in terms of the tariff Reliance Jio is providing with this handset. Take Rs 49 recharge pack as an example. In Rs 49 you could place unlimited voice calls, 50 SMS and 1GB Data in total in a period of 28 days. No telecom provider in India right now is competing with Jio Phone Rs 49 recharge plan. However, everything has its benefits and loss. Jio Phone is carrier-locked to Jio 4G Network. That means you can’t use SIM cards of other networks on this phone except for Jio.

However, Why we choose other networks if Jio is providing sufficient things at an affordable rate. For example, In Jio Phone, you could use some of the popular social networking as well as messaging apps like Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp. Well, thanks to the KaiOS platform on which this phone is built.

Now, After 2 years, Reliance is going to sell this phone at Rs 699. At this price, it is going to be available for a limited period between Dussehra and Diwali. Right now, we don’t know the exact date, but, we’ll update it here once we fetch it.

What is more?

Well, when we talk about anything Reliance, we always reach a checkpoint when we say What’s more. So, let me tell you that Reliance is also providing Rs 99 plan for free for the first seven recharges. That means after purchasing the phone if you recharge it with Rs 49 pack, the company also recharges your phone with Rs 99. However, don’t forget this offer is available for the first 7 recharges only.

Why is Reliance giving Jio Phone at Rs 699?

Well, the reason is not official yet. However, if you ask my opinion, maybe the company has some stock of this phone and as you can see its popularity fades after Jio Phone 2. Also, it’s been two years since the launch of this phone. So, maybe its a marketing idea to get rid of the extra product the company has made.

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