PUBG Health Reminder Notification is actually a Bug

In a bid to get rid of cheaters and make the platform fair for real gamers, PUBG Mobile starts banning cheaters for 10 years. In September alone, the game makers have banned around 3500 cheaters. These players are using different cheating tools like Virtual Apps, Modified In-Game Data, and Auto Aiming.

PUBG Mobile has also provided the list of banned players who recently participated in cheating activities. You can find the list here.

Well, this is not the first time PUBG starts banning players who participate in cheating activities. However, this time, they do it aggressively.

Those of you who play PUBG Mobile must be aware that most of the cheaters came through PUBG Emulator for PC. That’s because on PC they have more opportunities in compare to Mobile.

Lots of PUBG Mobile game streamers also complaining about the increasing number of cheaters in recent days. So, it seems like makers have listened to them and start moderating cheaters aggressively.

How to report Cheaters in PUBG Mobile?

Besides banning cheaters on their own, the PUBG team has also given you the ability to ping a cheater for them. Therefore, In gameplay, if you find a player using any hacks, you could ping PUBG Mobile Mods to take action against them. Here is how you can do so.

There are two ways to reports a cheater in PUBG Mobile.

The first one is, once you killed by a cheater a report button in red circle prompts on the bottom left corner of your screen. Once you tap the report button you could mark down at max the 3 issues and also able to write a comment in upto 80 characters.

The second method requires the cheater In-Game Name or the Profile ID. If you have any of these two details, you could search for him then navigate to this profile>statistics and there you find the report button at the left bottom corner of the screen.

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