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Twitter is the best Microblogging platform in the world. As of January 2021, the Platform has 192 million daily active users. Hence we can say it is also a great platform to gain visitors for other platforms.

It seems like that’s the reason why many of the YouTube creators are sharing their YouTube Videos on Twitter. However, right now, we can’t play a YouTube Video Directly on Twitter.

I meant to say, if you click on a YouTube video on Twitter, the Platform redirects us to YouTube to see the video.

Yesterday, the Twitter Support handle posted a tweet saying, “Twitter for iOS is now testing a feature to let the user watch YouTube Videos directly on Twitter without leaving the Platform.

You can see for yourself the same tweet below.

Having the ability to watch YouTube videos directly on Twitter, in my opinion, will increase the time a user spends on the Platform. Also, it will benefit the creators to gain more views on their videos.

Twitter is improving how users share and view media on Twitter

Right now, If a photo shared on Twitter extends a specific size limit, it is cropped, and to view such a photo in full, we have to click on it. Twitter is improving the same to let users view better and bigger images on the timeline.

In addition to that, suppose we have to upload 4K images and videos on Twitter, then when to view and upload such high-resolution media. As many of you know, the size of 4K media is large then; if we have some option to choose over which connection Cellular or WiFi we want to view and upload such a large media, that would be better. Twitter is testing the same too.

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