Reliance Jio now has a subscriber base of 370 million

Every year, Reliance organises its Annual General Meeting, where the company reveals and discusses its upcoming product and its future.

Last year, Reliance organised its Annual General Meeting in mid-July, and it looks like the company may organise this year’s AGM in the same month.

Recently we came to know about two of the Reliance Products that we expect might boom in India. The first one is a laptop called the JioBook and the second one is a Jio 5G Smartphone.

Reports are coming that Reliance might launch both of these products, i.e. The JioBook and the Jio 5G Smartphone, at its Annual General Meeting this year.

Those who don’t know about JioBook could read about it from here, whereas talking about Jio 5G Smartphone, at the end of last year, we came to know that Jio has partnered with Google to build this smartphone and if we believe some experts, then the smartphone might feature the Android Go operating system as well as will be the cheapest 5G Smartphone in India.

For now, we have that much details, but as soon as we came to know more, we will let you know. In the meanwhile, you subscribe to us from below to get quality tech updates.

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