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Microblogging website Twitter is planning to take money from its users to give them some exclusive features soon. In line with Bloomberg’s report, Twitter plans to make money from its users through some exclusive advanced features such as profile customization, undo send, TweetDeck, etc.

Just last year, in July, Twitter conducted a survey with some users, in which it asked whether users can pay money to Twitter for using some of the exclusive features. Apart from this, Twitter also asked people whether they are ready to pay Twitter for using Twitter without seeing any advertisements.

Following the Bloomberg report’s recommendations, now it seems that Twitter is preparing to take these features on the ground soon. A job listing was uncovered last year to create a subscription platform on Twitter, and in this context, the code name of Twitter’s subscription platform project has been revealed. The code for this project is named Rogue One, in which the creator will be given a tip in exchange for providing exclusive content to the people.

In this context, a report published by Techcrunch has revealed that Twitter’s subscription platform can be rolled out through Twitter’s recently acquired Newsletter Platform Revue, in which people can tip their favourite content creators for the exclusive newsletters.

Twitter’s Revenue Product Lead, Bruce Plank, told Techcrunch that “it has been our top objective to increase our company’s revenue durability, and we will also explore options other than advertising to grow the company’s revenue in 2021”.

Twitter currently earns its majority of revenue through advertisements, and features like paid subscriptions can benefit the company in the current era.

List of Twitter’s Paid Features in Testing

  1. Tweetdeck: A useful dashboard to view multiple feeds of different accounts in one place.
  2. Exclusive Content: Exclusive content like photos, videos and more.
  3. Badges: A Badge on the profile that links to the business or work ( For example, A Journalist can have a badge showing the magazines they write for).
  4. High-Quality Video: Publishing 5x longer videos than the current default with a maximum resolution of upto 8192×8192 pixels.
  5. Undo Send: A 30-second window to withdraw a tweet before anyone can see it.
  6. Custom Colors: To change fonts and theme colour (including Background Color, Links, Mentions, Hashtags, and icon) of Twitter on Phone and Computer.
  7. Auto Responses: Able to write and set a menu of auto-responses to use in replies.
  8. Social Listening: To see the volume of people and other businesses talking about an account.
  9. Brand Surveys: To survey people about the ads to better understand the ad was memorable, and if people are likely to buy the products or services.

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