Skype Desktop AI Based Noise Cancellation
Skype Desktop AI Based Noise Cancellation

While having a video or voice conversation online, you may have encountered a situation when background noise, such as the howling of the dogs, vehicle horn, neighbor playing music, etc., are distracting your conversation.

Well, there are numerous video and voice calling softwares out there, but most of them don’t have the AI-Based noise suppression algorithm assembled in them.

The Skype app for its Desktop platform that includes Windows and Mac has now rolled out a new feature called Noise Cancellation that relies on Machine Learning.

The feature using the neural network can easily identify and filter the speech from other complex noises such as the sound produced while typing on the keyboard, the crunch of a food wrapper, etc.

Although this feature has been rolled in Skype App for Windows and Mac, it isn’t available right now for Skype Mobile Apps and the Skype web version.

This noise cancellation feature that Skype has brought now has been taken from the Microsoft Teams, where the same feature was rolled out last year by the name called Noise Suppression.

Here is how you can customize the noise cancellation feature on Skype.

Different Levels of Noise Cancellation in Skype

By default, the app chooses the Auto level, but there are other noise cancellation levels. For example, low and high.

Here is what is the difference between these noise cancellation levels.

Auto: In auto, the app decides the best noise cancellation level based on the local noise.

High: In high, the app suppresses all background sounds that aren’t your speech.

Low: In low, the app suppresses persistent noise such as your computer fan, keyboard tap, and so on.

Steps to Turn on Noise Cancellation in Skype

  • Go to Settings > Audio and Video
  • Then In the Noise Cancellation Menu, choose the Noise Cancellation level you like.

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