Instagram Lite and Instagram Original App Comparision

Last December when Instagram Lite was launched in India, it lacked a plethora of features (such as Reels, IGTV, Live and others) that are already available in the regular version of Instagram. However, the Instagram lite app has recently been updated to bring support for watching Reels.

Even though Reels can now be seen on Instagram Lite app, users will still have to resort to the regular app to create reels. Just like the regular app, a separate tab has been given for Reels in the Instagram light app that can be located at the navigation bar present at the bottom of the app.

For those who do not know, Instagram Reels is a feature inspired by Tiktok which was launched in the whole world last August, while in India this feature was launched in July itself.

Through Instagram reels, users can create 30-second multi-clip videos through audio, effects and other creative tools and can share these videos to their Instagram followers or on any other platform.

With the introduction of Instagram Reels to Instagram Lite App, it is obvious that the use of Instagram Lite app will increase and through this integration I believe that Facebook will increase the usage of both Instagram Reels and Instagram Lite App.

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