T-Series Crosses 100 Million Subscribers on YouTube
T-Series Crosses 100 Million Subscribers on YouTube

Today, T-Series Crosses 100 Million Subscribers on YouTube. With this figure, T-Series has now become the first YouTube Channel Globally that crosses this mark. To appreciate the subscribers T-Series also changes its YouTube channel cover image. There T-Series also reveals the number of view the channel has got in total which is 70 Billion.

T-Series Crosses 100 Million Subscribers on YouTube

We see how this Indian record label compete with Independent creator PewDiePie and finally able to overtake his position. Right now, the total number of subscribers PewDiePie have is approximately 96 Million. Moreover, T-Series have a total of 100 Million.

T-Series Joined the YouTube back in year 2010 and from then on till now, the channel have a total of around 13000 videos. These videos basically ranges from movie trailers, bollywood songs and bollywood movies.

On this occasion, Even YouTube itself congratulate T-Series for achieving this position. Also, YouTube ask T-Series to get some space for some shiny trophy in the way via an emoji. See for yourself, What YouTube has tweeted for T-Series.

Of course, PewDiePie have a large fan base but if you start the game with India fanbase, Of course you will out run in numbers. The same happens with PewDiePie aka Felix. However, still felix holds the number 1 position on YouTube as an Independent creator.

This is all about this news. Here we are team Techchahiye also congratulate YouTube to achieve this position.

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