YouTube Premium Student Plan
YouTube Premium Student Plan

YouTube Premium Student Plan is now live in India so as the YouTube Music Premium.The subscription cost for YouTube Premium Student is Rs. 79 per month whereas the same for YouTube Music Premium is Rs. 59 per month. Do note that to enroll for this plan you must be a full time college or university student who has enrolled for the course for at least four years.

How to get YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium Student Plan?

Now, To get this plan, you have to first enroll for it where YouTube verify whether you are student or not. To verify, whether a user is student or not YouTube ties up with SheerID that do this task for YouTube.

Do note that, In both of these plan you have to verify yourself as a student annually. Moreover, if you look forward to enroll for any of these then, YouTube right now is giving free 1 month trial for that.

You could enroll for YouTube Premium Student Plan via this link, whereas YouTube Music Student Plan via this link.

Talking about the Regular plan, YouTube Premium cost Rs. 129 per month whereas YouTube Music Premium cost Rs. 99 per month.

How to Switch to YouTube Premium Student Plan?

Many of you have the regular Premium Plan and would like to know How to switch to the student plan. Well in that case let me tell you that, YouTube explains, one who want to switch to the student plan from the regular one, first have to cancel their subscription. Then, only one will able to enroll for the Student Plan.

To Know more about YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium, I have already covered about them in an article. I think you should read that article. There I have compared YouTube Music with other Music Streaming services present in India too.

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