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Today, PayTm Rolls out Alternative Station Feature in its Platform. To access this new feature, first you have to update your PayTm App by navigating to Google Play Store. I found this feature in PayTm App version 8.2.7. So, head over to the Playstore first and then update the app. The update is rolling out from today on, therefore it may happen that some of you might not get this update right now. In that case, you should wait before, the update came into the Playstore.

What is this New Alternative Station Feature by the way?

While Booking a Train Ticket, most of us will get embarrassed when not able to get available seats in any train in our desired route. Also, Choosing an alternate route to get confirmed ticket is quite confusing for most of us.

Therefore, To resolve this problem, PayTm rolls out Alternative Station feature. With this feature, PayTm provides us the next best alternative route to ensure that we get a confirmed ticket.

However, there are certain limitation but benefit are also associated with it.

For example, There may be a situation when we have to book a ticket from an earlier station to get the confirmed ticket. Similarly, there may be a situation when we have to book ticket to a later station. However, In both of these condition PayTm ensure that we will get a confirm ticket.

How to Access PayTm Alternative Station Feature?

To access this feature, first you have to search for your train by feeding your source and destination station.

Once done you can find the alternative train option in the train details. Below I provide the screenshot of how this option looks like.

PayTm New Alternative Station Feature

This new option not just help to crack confirmed tickets but also give you some reward benefits via PayTm. Even if you not book your train tickets via PayTm regularly, this feature helps you plan your route.

Last week PayTm introduces Metro Train Route Planner Feature through which you could plan your Metro Train Route.

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