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To improve the multitasking speed of the Gmail App for Android, creators of the Gmail App has added new swiping gesture to switch from one account to other quickly. Android Police has spotted this feature on Gmail Version 2019.08.18. iOS users already have this feature as it came to their devices a few months ago.

How Swipe to Switch between Account Works in Gmail?

To switch from one account to another via the swiping gesture, one can swipe up and down on the profile picture. You can spot the profile picture at the top right corner in your Gmail App. Right now, if we have to switch from one account to another, we tap on the profile picture, and then we see the list of all Gmail accounts we have added to the app. Then, we tap on any account to open it. So, you can see there is a lot we can do when we compare it with the swiping gesture. Nevertheless, Both of these methods are present in Gmail version 2019.08.18 to switch from one account to another.

Other Apps Made by Google that has Swipe to Switch Between Accounts Feature

Gmail isn’t the only app that sports Swiping gesture to switch between accounts. Google Maps, Drive, and Contacts also sport the same feature, Android Police reported. However, it looks like we have to wait for the year 2020 to see this feature in these apps.

Gmail Version 2019.08.18 is slowing rolling out on Google Playstore and soon all users able to get it. However, people in a hurry if want to get this new version of Gmail right now, then, they can avail it from apkmirror.

What do you think about Swiping Gesture in Gmail to Switch between Accounts? Do you like this feature? Why and Why not? Let us know below.

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