Pete Lau talks Why they choose Android TV OS for OnePlus TV
Pete Lau talks Why they choose Android TV OS for OnePlus TV

In a forum post shared recently, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau reveals some more information about OnePlus TV. He explains why the company chooses Google’s made Android TV over other TV Operating systems. Those of you who are new to the topic let me tell you that last week OnePlus announced that they are going to OnePlus TV in September. Also, the TV is going to launch first in India. Why OnePlus launching TV first in India?, I have already explained in an earlier post.

Now, as the days are coming near, OnePlus officials share more details about OnePlus TV. For example, last week we came to know that OnePlus TV has a 55″ QLED Display. Then, two days after we came to know about OnePlus TV Specification, unofficially.

Now, In a forum post, today Pete Lau talk more about OnePlus TV. He explained why the company chooses Android TV OS for OnePlus TV. So, without wasting any time, let me list out all the crucial points Pete Lau revealed in that post.

The first significant thing Pete Lau reveals that OnePlus TV is going to provide its user at least three years of updates to the Android TV OS. One more thing I like to mention for those of you who are new to the topic, OnePlus has custom optimized the Android TV OS. That’s means with OnePlus TV you get the Android TV OS, but the experience is optimized by OnePlus Team.

Pete Lau also reveals that OnePlus TV comes bundled with Playstore and Google Assistant. That opens a door for numerous apps to run on OnePlus TV.

Pete Lau also explained they had built OnePlus TV by keeping in mind that the TV promotes IOT Integration. So, It is now clear you can connect and control OnePlus TV with your Android Phone. However, right now, we do not have many details about it. Like the functions of OnePlus TV, one can control with the Android Phone.

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