share spotify song facebook story
share spotify song facebook story

One of the most popular music streaming service Spotify rolls out a new feature that helps artist one more way to promote their content. One can now share Spotify songs to Facebook Stories. However, keep in mind, the song can be playable to only 15 seconds inside Facebook Stories. However, in the story, one can find a button labeled play on Spotify to play the song in full on Spotify. See a win-win situation for both Facebook and Spotify.

On the one hand, where this feature helps Facebook Stories more engaging while on other it helps Spotify artist one more way to promote their content.

Well, that is not the first time Spotify and Facebook collaborate. Last year, their collaboration gave Spotify users to share songs on Instagram stories.

How to Share Spotify Songs to Facebook Stories?

First and foremost do note that you can only share a single Spotify track on a Facebook Story. If you share other contents like the album, artist, or playlist, it is not playable on Facebook stories.

Now sharing a Spotify song on facebook story is very easy. All you have to is, tap on the Share button on a track and you get Facebook listed there. Once you tap on Facebook, you directly open and create a new Facebook Story. The story already contains the 15-second clip of the song. You can then design the story with different Facebook stories elements if you like.

Besides Facebook, there are other sharing options, as well. Some of them are WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

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