OnePlus TV will have a 55" QLED Display

To days ago, OnePlus announce to launch OnePlus TV in India next month. Now, the company has revealed two essential details via their Twitter handle. The first one is OnePlus will have a 55″ QLED Display, and the second it is going to be available via Amazon India website.

oneplus tv 55 inch QLED banner

In fact, Amazon India has created a page for OnePlus TV and also put a notify me button over there. Well, these are all the official details we have to know so far.

Now, believing to different media reports, OnePlus TV not just have a single sized display instead of its display size ranges in between 43 to 75 inches. But be noted that it is not an official confirmation.

In an interview with Gadget 360, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau says OnePlus TV can easily compete with premium segments of Samsung and Sony.

One more thing worth here to note is OnePlus is using the QLED panels in the OnePlus TV, not the OLED tech, that is more expensive. Also, the TV is going to be preloaded with the modified version of Android TV as partners with Google to have their Android TV license.

That’s it for now, we already revealed in one of our posts that OnePlus TV is coming to India first and next month.

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