Google Photos Now Parse Text Inside Photos

In a server-side update rolls out recently, Google has given Google Photos the ability to parse text inside photos via Google Lens. That means now you can search a Text inside a Photo present in Google Photos by merely typing the text inside the Google Photos search bar.

Here is the tweet from the official Twitter handle of Google photos that confirms this information and the screenshot that explain how it works.

Google Photos Parse Text Inside Photos Screenshot
Google Photos Parse Text Inside Photos Screenshot

Once you have done finding the photo or the text inside it, you can quickly parse it by Google Lens that is present at the bottom bar of Google photos. Once you parse the text, you can copy and paste it anywhere as per your need.

This new feature became possible with a technique called Optical Character Recognition abbreviated as OCR.

Earlier also Google lens was present in Google photos, but it can only parse a text inside a photo once we select one. However, now, we can find a text inside a photo by merely feeding the text into the Google Photos search bar. So, you can assume that now every time you feed a text inside Google Photos search bar, it starts an OCR scanning in your Google Photos account.

One more thing to note here is as I already mentioned above, this new feature is part of the server-side update; therefore, it may be available to any version of Google photos. However, we recommend you to use the latest version of Google photos to get this feature guarantee.

A 9to5Google report says it is rolling out to select Android device but not to any iOS so far.

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