Its been more than a decade when Google first releases the Android Operating System back on September 28, 2008. And from the start, Google named the Android OS versions after some tasty desserts. However Today, Google announced that they are going to change this year-old tradition that is going to start with Android Q.

Google announced that they are dropping their tradition of naming the Android after the first letter of desserts. However, From now on the upcoming Android versions are named after there version number. For example, Android Q will be Android 10, and so on.

Why Google drops the Old Naming Convention of Android?

The reason why google drops the year-old naming convention is to make the Android name more accessible. For example, a new user may not identify whether Android Kitkat is latest or Android Pie. However, they can communicate with there version number easily.

Android New Logo

Beside Changing the Android naming system, Google also going to change the logo of Android. The last time Google updated the Android logo was 5 years ago. This time they change the brand name color to black whereas the Android robot color to a shade of green.

If you see both of these changes make Android more accessible to the user. For example, the first change makes it easy for a user to identify the latest Android. However, the second change increases the readability of the Android OS brand.

Both the Android Q and the Android New logo is releasing next week.

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