List of Top 10 Android Q Features
List of Top 10 Android Q Features

At I/O 2019, Google announced that they are going to roll out Android Q or Android 10 this year and now many of us are curious about the feature it supports. Therefore, here I came with an article where I reveal the Top 10 Android Q features.

Right now, Google has moved the Android Q to its next phase which is Android Q Beta version 3. After 3 more testing it will roll out in Stable version. Seems like Android Q will roll out in Third Quarter of this year.

Okay, Without wasting any further time discussing Android Q formally, let’s understand this OS via the feature it sports.

List of Top 10 Android Q Features

1. Android Q Basic Theme

At I/O 2019, Google explained, in Android Q they are focusing on three key areas which is Innovation, Security & Privacy, Digital Wellbeing. Therefore, All the Android Q special features falls into these categories.

2. Supporting Foldable Phone and 5G

This year we see some new devices and technology like Foldable phone and 5G. Google has made Android Q in such a way that it is supporting both of these two easily.

3. More Modular for Developers

We know that the more modular a Technology for developer the more features will innovate for common users. Therefore, In Android Q, Google provides the developers the ability to make more experience for gaming and augmented reality.

4. Live Caption for Person with Disabilities

Google has a culture to develop technologies for those users who are physically disabled. With these technologies they can also compete with normal users. Therefore, in Android Q, Google looks forward to roll out a feature called live caption. Till now, we know about subtitles which we can on and off for a limited set of media. However, live caption works for any media that have an audio associated with it. With one click, one can enable or disable this feature. Well, the feature is useful for those people that are deaf or facing hard to hear disabilities. What makes this feature so powerful is it don’t even require an internet connection to work. I mean Google has in-built this feature in Android Q.

5. Smart Reply in Notification Panel

We first see the Smart Reply feature in the new Gmail that Google rolled out last year. How do you feel, if Google integrate this feature in your phone notification panel? The same notification panel which you access when swipe from above in your phone. If someone text you and you wanna reply via the same notification panel, Android Q will suggest you text just like Gmail.

6. More Security Features

Google always protect us by innovating new security features. In Android Q, Google adds about 50 new features that will secure your device and also protect your privacy. Take your location data as an example. Right now, we don’t have a place in our phone where we can see which apps are using are location data and when. In Android Q there is a place from where you could control which app has your location access. Moreover, you could also choose to provide your location data to the app when they are in use.

7. Update to OS Patches without Rebooting Your Phone

Right now, If some security patch or OS update came, we have to roll over to the update by rebooting our phone. However, In Android Q you can update to the patches without rebooting your phone. You can do this just like you update your Apps.

8. A New Focus Mode

Android Q Focus Mode | Credits: Google

Multitasking on Digital devices are common these days. The technique was actually built to save some time but it leads to consume our time more and also resources. Therefore, developers introduces the focus mode. With this mode, you focus on only those apps or panel in which you are currently working. Android Q is bring Focus mode with it.

9. Gesture Based Dark Mode

Seems like some of your are waiting or finding when I will talk about Dark mode. Well, In Android Q gesture based Dark Mode is coming.

10. Total Device Support (Current)

Current Devices and Manufacturer that are Supporting Android Q
Current Devices and Manufacturer that are Supporting Android Q | Credits: Google

At the time of writing this article, Android Q Beta is available for 21 devices that came from 13 brands.

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