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Snapchat is one of the best image and video-sharing social media platforms out there.

In order to make the platform more interesting and useful for the users, Snapchat is regularly adding new features.

These days, it seems like Snapchat is focusing more on adding those features that are already popular on other platforms.

Today, I am talking about the Live Location feature that is already present on different platforms like WhatsApp, Google Maps, Telegram, etc.

What is Live Location Feature?

The live location feature lets you share your live location with your contact on the respective platform.

With this feature, you can share your live GPS location with your friends and contacts on a platform supporting this feature.

Today, there are several platforms that have this feature.

Take WhatsApp as an example.

In WhatsApp, you can share your live location with your contact for a few minutes to a few hours.

Although this feature has been part of instant messaging apps for some time, no social media apps have this feature so far.

Snapchat becomes the first social media platform to add live location feature.

Let me explain to you now, How the live location feature works in Snapchat.

How to use Live Location Feature in Snapchat?

If you and your friend both have added one another on Snapchat, then can share each others live location.

You can share your live location with your friend only when have Snapchat open. That means you can’t share your live location in the background.

In Snapchat, you can share your live location even when you are in the Ghost Mode.

How to Share Live Location in Snapchat?

Now, to share the live location, first visit your friend’s profile.

Next, tap on the Share My Live Location option present under the snap map section.

Then, Choose for how many minutes or hours you want to share your live location with your close friend or family member.

Note: In Snapchat, you can share your live location from 15 minutes to 8 hours.

How to Stop Sharing Live Location in Snapchat?

Now, to stop sharing your live location with your friends on Snapchat, visit your friend’s profile from whom you are sharing your live location.

Then, tap on the Stop option present under the Snap Map section.

Some More Important Things to Take Care While Using Live Location in Snapchat

In order to use the live location feature in Snapchat, make sure you are sharing your location with Snapchat.

When you open the Snap Map for the first time, it prompts you to choose whether you like to share your location or not.

There are different options through which you can share your location on Snapchat.

Only Me (Also known as Ghost Mode)

If you choose the Only Me option while updating your location sharing option in Snapchat, then, with this option your location won’t be visible to anyone.

With the Only Me option selected, it is said you are in Ghost Mode.

In Ghost Mode, your Bitmoji will have a blue sign with the Ghost emoji icon.

You can directly Turn ON and OFF the ghost mode or can set a timer.

My Friends

While sharing your location with Snapchat, if you choose the My Friends option, then, your location will be shared only with your friends.

My Friends, Except

By choosing this option, you are telling Snapchat to hide your location with some of your friends.

Only These Friends

With this option, you can share your location only with your chosen friends on Snapchat.

So, this is it, for the location sharing on Snapchat. Do let me know, how many of you are using the live location feature on Snapchat and more importantly how many of you like it and why.

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