While OnePlus already had collaborated with Fortnite to allow select OnePlus Models to support Fortnite Gameplay at 90fps, The Chinese Smartphone Manufacturer is now doing the same with PUBG Mobile. In a press release, the company revealed their collaboration with the PUBG Mobile to give select OnePlus Models the ability to access PUBG Mobile gameplay at 90fps.

OnePlus Users to first experience the PUBG Mobile Gameplay at 90fps

Now, although PUBG Mobile has limited the Gameplay to 60fps for all the devices, some select OnePlus models is going to be the first one to have access to this game at 90fps. These select OnePlus Models includes OnePlus 8 Series, OnePlus 7T Series, and OnePlus 7 Pro.

In China, PUBG Mobile is called “Game of Peace” and there many Android Devices support the game at 90fps. However, that is not same with the global version that is known by the name PUBG Mobile.

The 90fps Mode is Exclusive for Limited Time

Now, as I said above in the title, In the above-mentioned models, the 90fps Gameplay mode is for limited time. That means, these select device owners able to play PUBG Mobile at 90fps for a limited time that starts from August 6, 2020 and will end on September 6, 2020.

The 90fps Mode Availability

Beside users in Mainland China, Japan, and Korea this 90fps PUBG Mobile gameplay experience is rolled out worldwide for all the select OnePlus users.

Expected Limitations of 90fps Gameplay

When OnePlus brought Fortnite at 90fps then to give user the smoother experience they degrade the display quality to low. Hence, it is believed, OnePlus may do the same for PUBG Mobile. However, the phone is more than capable to handle high graphics especially in the latest flagships.

The Latest OnePlus Models sports awesome Refresh Rate

OnePlus has now become a leader in High Refresh Rate Display Technology as you can see OnePlus 7 Pro has 90Hz 2K display, OnePlus 8 Pro has 120Hz display. With this refresh rate and Insane Snapdragon 865 processor and Adreno 650 GPU these devices have the weight to easily handle the 90fps PUBG Mobile exclusive gameplay experience.

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