PUBG Mobile 90fps support
PUBG Mobile 90fps support

At the ongoing Qualcomm Snapdragon Tech Summit, an announcement made everyone crazy, and the announcement was PUBG Mobile getting 90fps support. 90fps means we get more frames per second, and the result is we get smoother visual experience while playing PUBG Mobile. Well, we should especially thank the latest Snapdragon 865 processor that supports the 90fps frame rate.

Other than the 90fps frame rate, Snapdragon 865 Soc is also going to give the PUBG Mobile 10-Bit HDR support.

Well, its been a time, rumors are flowing that PUBG Mobile is getting 90fps and 120fps support. Now, the announcement at Qualcomm Tech Summit confirms about 90fps frame rate support. But, still, we have to look when 120fps frame rate support is coming. That’s because there are some phones like ASUS ROG Phone 2, Razer Phone 2, which supports the 120fps frame rate.

Another significant upgrade coming to PUBG Mobile is 10-Bit HDR support. That means the color depth level of the game is going to increase. Most of you know, the more the bits, the more colors you gain in HDR.

Well, that is it, let’s see when PUBG Mobile roll out an update to support both of these technologies.

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