Delhi Government adds 511 Auto Stands Google Maps
Delhi Government adds 511 Auto Stands Google Maps | Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia

Yes, you heard it right, Delhi Government soon going to add 511 Auto stands on Google Maps to make it more comfortable for commuters to locate auto stands. Also, this facility going to help auto drivers to park autos at the appropriate place and helps them to prevent fines.

Due to rising traffic congestion in the city, the Delhi Government thought about this initiative and presented the proposal in the Legislative Assembly. Now, the initiative is approved, and in around three weeks, Delhi people able to locate 511 New Auto stands on Google Maps.

Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot says the sites for auto stands are cleared, and district level committee members are working to make this initiative a success. The committee members include the Public Works Department, District Magistrates, and so on.

At Auto Stands, Clear Signboard are going to installed so that one can quickly locate it.

Delhi right now has around 95,000 autos that run on its street daily. Moreover, most of these autos run on the congested areas. Therefore, In North-West Delhi, you are going to find out the most auto stands while New Delhi district has the lowest number.

So, I think its good news for Delhiites traveling frequently in autos in their daily life. What do you think? Let us know in the comments down below.

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