WhatsApp Call Waiting Feature Android
WhatsApp Call Waiting Feature Android

WhatsApp stable version 2.19.357 starts rolling out this week, and this version brings some of the coolest features. For example, the Call Waiting Feature. Those of you who are using WhatsApp for iOS must be familiar with it, but Android users now able to taste it.

How does WhatsApp Call Waiting Feature work?

Suppose you are on a voice call with someone, and a second party also places a voice call to you. Earlier, there wasn’t any method to notify you and the second party that you are on a call with someone. Now, if someone tries to place a voice call while you already on another voice call, the second party gets call waiting notification. On the other side, if you like, you can accept that voice call from the second party. However, it worth to mention that you can’t hold the first party call. That means if you want to receive second party call then, you have to end the first party call. So, that is how Call Waiting Feature works in WhatsApp, and now it is available for Android users too.

Now you can manage who can add you to a WhatsApp Group

Besides the Call Waiting Feature, this new version of the app also adds an option to control who can add you to WhatsApp groups. You can find this option by visiting Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups.

Fingerprint Authentication also packs with this Version

The other two features packs in this version are Fingerprint Unlock and Fix for Battery Drainage.

With the Fingerprint Unlock feature, you can set your fingerprint data to unlock your WhatsApp account.

Now, Talking about the battery Drainage issue, Last month, several OnePlus and Xiaomi users complain that the new WhatsApp update quickly drains their Smartphone battery. Well, WhatsApp considered their feedback and rolled out a fix with this version.

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