Open Android Apps on Windows 10 PC via Your Phone App

To let the user open Android Phone apps on Windows 10 PC, The Redmond Giant has brought a new feature inside the Your Phone App. This feature let the user to open any of the apps (present in his phone) to use it on Windows 10 device.

The accessibility of the Apps is not just limited to the social media apps but also to the default apps like Clock, File Manager and more.

This feature also let the user to pin any of their most frequent and favourite Android Apps in their Windows 10 enabled device Taskbar or in the Start Menu.

The Your Phone App lists all the apps installed on your phone to PC and one can launch any of these apps right on their PC without even touching the phone. Once the user launches any app in the PC, it opens in a separate window to let the user multitask by saving user’s time and hassle of sign-in or set up.

For now, it has been said, only one app could be launched at a time but support to launch multiple apps at the same time is coming.

Now, although this is one of the best features of Your Phone app so far for Windows users, at the time of writing this article, it is exclusive to Galaxy Note 20 users only.

The Feature is Exclusive to Galaxy Note 20

The partnership in between Samsung and Microsoft let Samsung to have this feature at first. To be more specific, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is the first smartphone to have this feature. Hence, at the time of writing this article, this feature is exclusive to Galaxy Note 20. In a Windows Blog post, it is mentioned this feature right now is exclusively available to Galaxy Note 20 via the Link to Windows Integration.

In other words, if you want to try this feature right now then you have to spend around a thousand bucks. But I think you should wait as in coming days may be Microsoft rolled this feature out to more Galaxy Devices and later on to more Android Devices as well.

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