pvr inox raises concern over jio first day first show initiative

Yesterday, Reliance officially announce the commercial launch of Jio Fiber (earlier it was called Jio Gigafiber). Along with that Reliance Chairman also announce Jio Set Top Box that comes pre-bundled with Jio Fiber connection. However, the thing that raises the concern of two major multiplex in India is, With Jio Set Top Box customers will able to watch movies at their home the very first day when it releases. Reliance Jio calls this initiative Jio-First-Day-First Show that comes pre-bundled with Jio Fiber connection.

PVR and INOX are the first multiplex in India who comment on Jio First Day First Show Initiative. They said that Jio First Day First Show is a threat to their business model, In Fact to the whole movie Industry. PVR says, as of March 2019, the Media and Entertainment sector of India revenue is around Rs 174.5 Billion. Out of this revenue, 75% of revenue are those that are generated from theatres. Also, from decades Theatrical experience and At Home experience co-existed but never crossed each other. This is the first time with the Introduction of Jio-First-Day-First-Show the bond is going to be broken.

Those of you who don’t know let me tell you that, Producers, Distributors and Multiplex owners in India mutually agreed to a term called Theatrical Window of 8 weeks. Theatrical Window of 8 Weeks is a time in which a movie can’t be released on platforms other than theatres and multiplexes.

Below In the photo I have shared what PVR has quoted about Jio-First-Day-First-Show Initiative.

Well, Jio Team hasn’t responded to the comment which PVR and INOX has made on Jio-First-Day-First-Show, as you can see it is too early for now. Let see What we get to eat in coming days.

Reliance announce to roll out Jio-First-Day-First-Show service starting mid 2020. So, we have an year and many things to see in this interval.

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