Jio Fiber launching on India on September 5, 2019

Jio Fiber going to commercially launch in India on September 5, 2019. At Reliance Annual General Meeting 2019, Mukesh Ambani reveals the date of the commercial launch of Jio Fiber in India.

Along with the commercial launch date, he also reveals the tariffs of Jio Fiber, which he explains is based on 4 powerful principles. I have taught these 4 powerful principles in detail.

Jio Fiber Principles

Simple Tariffs

Performance: In the United States, the average speed of Internet connection is 90Mbps. Now, Coming to Jio Fiber even its base plan starts with 100Mbps that will go all the way up to 1Gbps.

Price: Mukesh also reveals the rate of Jio Fiber that ranges between Rs 700 to Rs 10,000 per month. I think you have figured it out the amount is directly proportional to the connection speed you are getting.

Pay for Only One Service

Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani announced that customers have to pay for only one service. So, with Jio Fiber connection, they get voice calls from home absolutely free. For the fixed-line voice International calling, Jio makes the tariff one-tenth of the Industry rate. Also, giving unlimited calling to the US and Canada at Rs 500 per month.

Jio Fiber First Day First Show Movies

Jio Fiber is going to be bundled with free subscriptions to the most premium OTT applications. Also, Premium Jio Fiber customers will be able to watch movies the same day it released in the theaters. Reliance call this Jio Fiber First-Day-First-Show-Movies.

JioPostPaid Plus

It is a unique mobility service for Jio Fiber customers that delivers platinum grade service and product experience. Some of the unique features of JioPostPaid Plus are given below.

  1. It is India’s first priority SIM setup service at home.
  2. It gives you seamless data and voice connectivity everywhere.
  3. Original family plans with data sharing.
  4. International roaming at a fraction of a cost.
  5. Phone upgrades at preferential rates
  6. All your home solutions.

Well, these are the four principles on which Reliance has set the tariff rates of Jio Fiber. However, there is one more thing Reliance has given to Jio Fiber customers.

Jio Fiber Welcome Offer

Mukesh announced Jio Fiber customers who subscribe for any Jio Fiber Annual Plan (that is also called JioForeverPlan) will get HD/4K TV and 4K Set Top Box for free. This is I think one of the best thing Reliance has introduced in their Annual General Meeting 2019. Reliance call this Jio Fiber Welcome offer.

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