Top 10 Interesting Facts about Harmony OS
Top 10 Interesting Facts about Harmony OS

Last week Huawei launched their own made Operating System Harmony OS, and from then on we all are curious to know about it more. So, I think to write down an article where I list out the Top 10 Interesting Facts about Harmony OS.

However, before revealing the facts, let me first explain to you why Huawei need to introduce their own operating system.

Why Huawei Launches its own operating system?

Since 2018, China and the United States are engaging in a trade war. You can read more about China and the US trade war here. Now, the result is Trump government ordered US-based companies to not participate in any business with Huawei. That’s why Google cancels the Android license which they have given to Huawei. The result is Huawei have to develop their own operating sytem called Harmony OS.

Now, let’s talk about the interesting facts associated with Harmony OS.

Top 10 Interesting Facts about Harmony OS (List)

  1. Harmony OS is an open-source operating system that means its original source code is publicly available and one can modify or redistribute it. However, the altered or redistributed version also became an open-source.
  2. Huawei first builds this operating for IOT Devices. Therefore, we could also call Harmony OS the embedded operating system. Now, because of the urgent need, Huawei transforms it to use it in all the smart screen devices.
  3. The original name of Harmony OS is Hongmeng. However, according to Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei consumer business, People find it challenging to pronounce Hongmeng. So, they give it a separate English name Harmony OS.
  4. Hongmeng is an ancient Chinese word that means the state before the formation of the universe.
  5. Huawei starts building the Hongmeng Operating system from the year 2012 and not plan to launch it in 2019. However, because of a need for Operating system for their smartphone, they unveil this OS.
  6. Harmony OS can be installed on a range of devices including IOT Devices, Smart Screen Devices like Smartphone, Wearables, In-Car entertainment system, and more.
  7. Harmony OS is a microkernel based operating system that is similar to Google Fuchsia Operating system. Because it is microkernel based on the same OS package could be installed on different devices.
  8. According to Huawei, Harmony OS is better than Android and other Linux-based operating system.
  9. Richard Yu confirms one can not sideload and run Android Apps on Harmony OS. However, Android App developers could do a slight modification in their Android App source code to make it runnable on Harmony OS.
  10. Harmony OS going to release first in China by August or September this year. However, by the end of 2020, it is going to be available globally.

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