Reliance starts testing voice over WiFi service
Reliance starts testing voice over WiFi service | Image Credits: Retekno

Reliance starts testing voice over WiFi service. Voice over WiFi is a technology by which user will able to make voice calls over WiFi. Moreover, they can do so without any cellular connectivity. Telecom Talk guys first fetch this testing and also manage to take a screenshot. Currently, Reliance team testing this technology in Madhya Pradesh, Andra Pradesh, Telangana and Kerala.

Right now, it is not clear when Jio rolls out this new service, However, we believe it may available from January next year.

Reliance team may bring this feature in Jio Phone too. If this happen then this service will be greatly beneficial for rural users where network connectivity is a real headache. Note that, In the past 4 month Reliance Sold more than 200 million Jio Phones.

Note that Government already asks telecom providers to launch such service. Moreover, If you remember BSNL already rolls out early this year a similiar kind of service via their Wings app. However, that one was Internet Telephony.

Now, Taking more about Vo-WiFi, Reliance is not the only one who are testing this service. Vodafone also testing this service but outside India.

This new service all fall under the Government Public Open WiFi Project where government wants to avail cheap internet in remote areas.

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