BSNL Introduces First Indian Internet Telephony Service
BSNL Introduces First Indian Internet Telephony Service

Today BSNL Introduces First Indian Internet Telephony Service. BSNL is a telecom company running under the Indian government. Those people who are not aware of Internet telephony service tell them that through internet telephony, you can call on any network using the Internet.

BSNL’s Internet telephony service will work via an app. Officials gave this app a name i.e. Wings. You can think of this app like any normal voice calling app. However, here the only difference is you can call on any phone number directly through this app. Internet Telephony has protocols by which Internet to Network Communication will happen.

Now, At BSNL consumers will get relief from the disturbance in calls. In India, the call quality degrades after Jio comes in the Indian Telecom market. However, We appreciate Jio to totally change the Internet Industry in India. But due to a large number of network users congestion drastically reduce the call quality. The result leads to more call drops and worse call quality. So, By the introduction of Internet telephony, BSNL somehow present an example to control network congestion. Now it will be interesting to see when other telecom providers in the country implement this service.

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