Reliance Partners with Microsoft to Launch Cloud Datacenters in India
Reliance Partners with Microsoft to Launch Cloud Datacenters in India

At Annual General Meeting 2019, Reliance today announce their partnership with Microsoft to bring Cloud Datacenters in India. Do note that, Reliance has made a 10-year partnership with Microsoft to get access to Microsoft 365, Azure and Microsoft AI. Moreover, these are the platform through which Reliance plans to launch local datacenters in India.

Even Satya Nadella himself came in the Reliance AGM 2019 via a video conference and says the things I have quoted below.

What Satya Nadella Says about Reliance and Microsoft Partnership?

Satya says Today, Digital Technology is transforming every place, every industry, and everything. This rapid change is being driven by massive shifts across the intelligent Cloud and the creative edge. Computing is becoming ubiquitous and distributed. AI is being infused in every experience. And the Interaction model itself with computers is increasingly human-first, rather than device-first. These advances are shaping the next phase of evolution, creating new opportunities for people and organizations everywhere, especially in India.

At Microsoft, our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Core to this mission is deep partnerships like the one we are announcing today with the Jio. Our ambition is to help millions of organizations across India thrive and grow in this era of rapid technological change.

Our long term partnership combines the power of Azure, Azure AI, and Office 365 with Jio Connectivity and Digital solutions, which are among the most used and fast-growing in the world. Together we will offer a comprehensive technology solution from computing to the storage, to connectivity and productivity for Smaller and Medium-sized businesses everywhere in the country.

Jio and Microsoft will partner to launch new cloud data centers in India, ensuring more of Jio’s customers can access the tools and platforms they need to build their own digital capability.

Jio and Microsoft will jointly offer Office 365 so more organizations can empower their employees with a modern workplace.

And Jio and Microsoft will bring Azure Cognitive services to more devices, creating new breakthrough intelligent experiences, with the support of Major Indian Languages.

At Microsoft, we don’t celebrate technology for technology’s sake, we celebrate what others can do with technology. And our ambition is to make all these solutions broadly accessible and affordable so that they can reach as many people and organizations in India as possible.

Reliance Jio Special Announcements for Startups and SMBs at AGM 2019

  1. Many of you surprised to know that 80% of the cost of running a startup goes towards Cloud and connectivity infrastructure. Jio announced to take the responsibility of this cost and will make available the cloud and connectivity infrastructure for free to Startups and SMBs. One can register for the services at in coming days.
  2. Right now, the average cost of connectivity, productivity, and automation tools to run business ranges in between Rs 15000 to Rs 20000 per month. Jio announces to give these tools at Rs 1500 per month.

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