WhatsApp Beta for Android Launches Fingerprint Lock Feature
WhatsApp Beta for Android Launches Fingerprint Lock Feature

The latest version of WhatsApp Beta for Android i.e. 2.19.221 has launched a new feature called Fingerprint Lock. With this feature enabled, you’ll need to use your Fingerprint to open WhatsApp. Well, Of course your phone have a fingerprint sensor to support this feature. Also make sure your Android phone have Marshmallow or later Operating system installed.

If you fulfill the above criteria then all you have to do is update your WhatsApp Beta by navigating to Google Play. Once done, you’ll able to locate Fingerprint lock feature by visiting Settings>Account>Privacy>Fingerprint Lock.

By default, you find this feature disabled and once you enable it you see some more options like I have show you in the screenshot below.

Credits: WABetaInfo

Automatically Lock

In this option you can see three more sub-options called Immediately, After 1 Minute, After 30 Minute. Well, if you choose Immediately, then you have to authenticate via your Fingerprint everytime you want to open WhatsApp. However, if you choose 1 minute then you can close and open WhatsApp (doesn’t matter how many many times) without fingerprint authentication under 1 minute Interval. The same rule applies if you choose After 30 minute, the only exception is here the time interval rises to 30 minute.

Show Content in Notifications

By Default Show content in notifications option is enabled when you turn on the Fingerprint Lock feature. Also turning on this option says you can preview sender and message text inside new message notifications. This means that when you turn on this option, then you’ll able to view the sender and the message he/she sends to you in the notification panel when you swipe below from the top of your phone’s display.

WABetaInfo first spotted the Fingerprint lock feature in WhatsApp and says it is perfectly safe. That’s because WhatsApp uses the default Android System to authenticate your Fingerprint and doesn’t store your fingerprint data on their server.

Well, that’s all about the new Fingerprint lock feature in the latest WhatsApp Beta. This feature is already available in WhatsApp Beta for iOS (with the name Screen Lock) 3 months ago and now it is coming to WhatsApp Beta for Android.

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