PUBG Mobile Rolling Out New GamePlay Management System
PUBG Mobile Rolling Out New GamePlay Management System

Today, PUBG Mobile Rolling Out New GamePlay Management System worldwide. Recently we all see how PUBG stuck in the controversy about affecting players lifestyle. Due to this issue, In India and many other parts of the world authorities have banned this game. Therefore, PUBG testing some ways to improve the healthy gameplay experience. In past see How PUBG introduces Health reminder notification, which we later came to know that it was actually a bug.

Seems like a more or less the same feature PUBG is rolling out now called GamePlay Management System. Although PUBG starts testing this system from earlier this year but now it is rolling out globally. The Gameplay management system helps player to track their Gameplay time and to manage it effectively.

Once a Player login to the game he/she have to follow an advisory guideline that gives them some healthy tips. Also from time to time the game give pop up notification to players about when to quit the game and vice versa.

Right now, this new feature is rolling out in countries like India, Indonesia, Egypt, Iraq, Nepal, Kuwai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE, but it will soon be available in other markets as well.

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