places where pubg is banned
places where pubg is banned

In this article, I am going to reveal the list of Places where PUBG is Banned Right now. PUBG is one of the highest playing games on the Mobile right now. Not Just mobile its craze is also reaching the desktop users. On one side where we talk abouts it’s craze, its craziness however, leads to block it at some places. In this article, we talk about these places where you see PUBG Ban and not able to play this game at these places.

Places Where PUBG is Banned Right Now


In India Gujarat became the first state that Bans PUBG in cities like Rajkot, Ahmedabad, and Bhavnagar. In fact, Gujarat State Primary Education Departments already issue circulars to primary school to Ban playing PUBG in their School premises. Although, High Court already says not to bring mobile phones in School premises.

Tamil Nadu

Authorities In Charge of Men’s Hostel of Vellore Institute of Technology has banned this game in Hostel Premises and College. Also, VIT officials already issues a circular regarding this.


Well, above we talk about a state or some cities where officials put a ban on this popular game. Now, we talk about an entire country where you can’t play PUBG. Nepal Metropolitan Crime Division ban this game and Kathmandu District Court approve it. Again the reasons are same, Children addicts with this game that affect their lifestyle and health.


China also flag this game for children of age below 13 years. China’s Online Gaming Ethics review committee put a ban on a total of 9 games in which popular games like PUBG and League of Legends resides. Well, the officials give the reason to ban PUBG is because of Firearm violence while for the LOL they say it promotes collective mob violence.

The latest one is Nepal that puts a ban on this game. Now, reports are coming IRAQ also looks forward to ban this game as Iraqi parliament proposes a statement about this.

What you think about the ban on this game? Do let us know in the comments below.

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