Saregama Carvaan Go
Saregama Carvaan Go

Saregama Carvaan Go, a handheld speaker with 3000 preloaded songs launched in India at Rs. 3,990. In India, people love Saregama carvaan because of its portability and the range of songs available. Yes, of course its price is also amazing. “Saregama” the company which is behind Saregama Carvaan speakers already introduced two Saregama Carvaan speakers i.e. Saregama Carvaan and Saregama Carvaan Mini.

Now, they launch Saregama Carvaan Go which is the smallest between all these three. Well, As I already mention, this speakers packs with 3000 preloaded songs. These songs are from various artists like Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosle, Mohd. Rafi and more. Now, Talking about the genre of songs, here one can listen to Romance, Ghazal, Dance and others.

Well, the speaker is built for exclusive music experience therefore in it you won’t find Internet, Ads, Calls and SMS. As you can see these things will interrupt your listening.

Okay, let’s talk about its specification in brief.

Saregama Carvaan Go Speaker Specification

Saregama Carvaan Go Launched in India
Saregama Carvaan Go Launched in India

This new Saregama Carvaan Speaker comes with a Rechargeable battery that can last upto 7 hours. It also has an Inbuilt speaker of capacity 1 watt. There is an App called Saregama Carvaan app (both for iOS and Android) which officials have made exclusively for Saregama Carvaan. With this app and via the Bluetooth in the Saregama Carvaan go speaker, you can connect your Smartphone and will see the list of all 3000 songs. You can even search for a song and play it. Moreover, you could also create your own playlist. Well, the company has also provide FM/AM facility with this speaker. However, if the songs present in this speaker won’t fulfill your desire, you could even insert and SD Card of size upto 32 GB in it.

Where you can purchase Saregama Carvaan Go Speaker?

You can purchase this speaker directly from Saregama website via this link. Well, right now it is not available at Amazon and Flipkart, but as you can see its earlier model are available there. So, I think because it is new, it will soon available at these sites too.

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