PUBG Lite Pre-Registration Event Starts in India
PUBG Lite Pre-Registration Event Starts in India

The pre-registration event for the most awaited PUBG lite game starts in India. One can participate in this event by visiting PUBG Lite official website. However, do note that with one account, you can participate only once.

The pre-registration for this even starts today and last till July 3, 2019.

Most of you think that What is the benefit of Participating in this event?

Well, you can see that users participating in this event get exclusive rewards from PUBG lite team.

You can see that the day is near When PUBG team roll out the lite version of this popular royal battle game in India.

Now coming to the point, PUBG Lite website mentions two types of rewards once a user participates in this event.

The first one is the Basic Participation Rewards, where everyone who registers for this event gets Parachute Skin (Cheetah Print) and Weapon Skin (Tiger M416).

The other rewards consist of additional free items. PUBG lite team distribute these items only after the registration count reaches a particular milestone.

For example, The website mentions, if the pre-registration count reaches 100K, then every registered user get Black Scarf, Punk Glasses, and Bloody Combat Pants.

Moreover, if the pre-registration count reaches 200K, then everyone gets more stuff.

These pieces of stuff include Gold PUBG Scarf, Striped Long Sleeved Yellow Black Shirt, and Red Sports Top.

So Why are you waiting to register for this event? Go to this website to register for this event immediately. The more users register to this event, the more exclusive PUBG lite items we all get.

One more point I forget to mention here is, anyone could register for this event. If you have an existing PUBG account, there is no issue. All you have to do is log in to your existing account and you can register for this event.

PUBG teams say the participated users get their redeem code via email on July 11, 2019.

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