Sony Launches Two new Wireless Neckband Headphones

Today, Sony Launches two new wireless neckband headphones called WI-C310 and WI-C200.

Sony claims both of these headphones giving 15 hours of Battery Life. Also, On a quick charge of 10 minutes, both of these headphones giving 60 minutes of playback time.

In both of these headphones, you find a built in microphone that helps you for Hands-free calling.

The only difference between these two headphones is WI-C200 have rounded cable and plastic body whereas WI-C310 have the flat tangled cable with metallic finishing.

Sony Wireless Neckband Headphone WI-C200
Sony Wireless Neckband Headphone WI-C200

Also, WI-C200 is available in two colour, i.e. Black and White, whereas WI-C310 is available in three colours, i.e. Black, Aluminum White and Blue.

Sony Wireless Neckband Headphone WI-C310
Sony Wireless Neckband Headphone WI-C310

Another feature these headphones have is Voice Assistant. There is a dedicated button you find in these headphones that helps you to enable voice assistant. So, with this feature, you can quickly get the latest news, weather report and more task.

Sony says these headphones supports Siri and Google Assistant.

One more thing every user like to know about a headphone is its frequency range. Well, both of these headphones sports 9mm driver and having a frequency range in between 50Hz to 8000Hz.

Where to buy these brand new Sony Wireless Neckband headphones?

Interested parties could order these headphones directly from Amazon India website.

WI-C200 costs Rs. 2,299 whereas WI-C310 costs Rs. 2,990. Below I have mentioned the direct link from where you could buy these headphones.

Buy: WI-C200 and WI-C310

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